Pregnancy Series #22 - Labour (Part 2).

Ashton: He looked up as a loud knock came from the front door, glancing down at you again, “You comfortable enough? That’s probably the midwife.” You nodded and he quickly made his way out to answer the door. “Hello Ashon,” she smiled, coming into you home, “(Y/N), how’re we feeling? Have your waters broken yet?” Shaking your head, you rubbed your stomach as you felt another contraction building, “Ashton.” He was by your side in a few seconds, which allowed you to grip his hand tightly. “It’s okay,” he whispered, “I’m right here.” You let out a small whimper, hand squeezing his as a strong, different sort of pressure began building. “(Y/N)?” Ashton breathed, “Talk to me, what’s happening?” The two of you looked down as you PJ bottoms suddenly became soaked through. “Well…looks like she’s not going to be hanging about.” the midwife smiled.

Calum: The two of you had decided that Luke would drive you to the hospital so Calum could sit in the back with you and keep you calm. His arm was rubbing your back as your head was resting on his shoulder as you suffered through another contraction. “We’re here!” Luke called from the front of the car and Calum quickly threw his door open. You were soon settled in your room and Calum was by your side as the midwife came in to check on the position that the twins were in. “Good news is, is that they’re both in the perfect position. We suspect that you are indeed in labour and so we’ll just wait for your waters to break and then that’ll get the ball rolling. Press if you need anything.” Once she had left, Calum took the seat beside the bed and rest his head on the blankets, “Get some rest. It looks like we could be here for a while.” Nodding, you closed your eyes and leant back against the uncomfortable pillows, slowly drifting off.

Luke: After stopping at home to grab your packed bag, the two of you drove towards the birth centre. Your contractions were coming more regularly and since Luke was driving, you had to make do with the handle above the door each time they came. “Almost there.” Luke whispered, placing his hand on your knee, “We’re almost there.” Nodding, you breathed deeply, hands gripping the handle above your head as a more intense pressure began building. “Luke,” you whimpered, your other hand moving to grip his arm, “Luke, something’s happening.” Before he could do anything, you felt your water’s break, soaking the dress you were wearing, your thighs and the seat of Luke’s car. You finally arrived at the birthing centre and almost instantly, you were taken through to the room you had requested while Luke was being told to stay put which had you worried. Why wasn’t he being allowed in?” 

Michael: He was practically buzzing with excitement, he was so excited that his hands were shaking. You were now your hospital room and all of his fidgeting, well it was starting to do your head in. “Oh my God, will you please stop?” you snapped, glaring at him as he stared at you with wide eyes. You instantly felt bad and quickly scooted over in the bed, patting the space beside you. “I’m sorry.” you whispered, leaning your head on his shoulder after he had moved to beside you, “I’m just scared.” He rest his head on top of yours, rubbing your arm in an attempt to comfort you, “You’re going to be fine and I’ll be there every step of the way.” Honestly, you were proud of the way you were handling the contractions, they were nothing more than a small inconvenience to you but you were sure that they were going to get worse as time went on. You soon began feeling sleepy and with Michael rubbing your arm, you drifted off to sleep. 


Just remind yourself that not all 18 year old guys would do this, but he’s got the biggest heart on the fucking planet.


Just remind yourself that not all 18 year old guys would do this, but he’s got the biggest heart on the fucking planet.


we all have an imaginary relationship with our favorite celebrity don’t even lie and say you don’t


  • giving gifts stresses me out
  • getting gifts stresses me out
  • what a bizarre fucking holiday
  • there is a tree in my house

Pregnancy Series #21 - Labour (Part 1)

Ashton: You bit down on your lip as the pain in your stomach subsided; you had been getting pains for nearly an hour but you weren’t going to wake Ashton yet. Your daughter had impeccable timing, deciding to come in the middle of the night. As another contraction hit, your hand flew out to the side, gripping the sleeve of Ashton’s shirt tightly which caused him to wake up. “(Y/N)?” he muttered, glancing at the clock, “It’s like half two in the morning. Go back to sleep.” You let out a nervous laugh, “I would Ash, but you see, I think the baby’s coming.” He hummed as if he understood but he didn’t make a move and it took a moment for him to process your words but when they did, he quickly turned on the light before rolling over to look at you, “You sure? It isn’t just those braxton hicks again?” You shook your head, “No. I’m sure.” He quickly jumped out of bed, “I’ll…I’ll call the midwife. The boys!” I’ll call everyone!” He then leant over and pressed a kiss to your lips, “Our little girl’s coming!” You watched as he took off into the hall to go downstairs to fetch the number for the midwife.

Calum: You had sent Calum out to get some groceries. He was driving you crazy with all his smothering and protectiveness but when you began feeling pains, you regretted it. The pains would start in your lower stomach before spreading around to your back. A knock at your door had you pushing yourself up off the couch. Pulling the door open, you saw it was Luke and you let out a loud sigh of relief, “Oh thank God.” Luke’s eyes widened as he took in your pale face. “Is it time?” he asked, he asked and you nodded, “Where the hell is Calum?” You gripped the door frame, “He, I sent him out for some shopping. He was doing my head in. I didn’t expect to go into labour right after he left!” His hand came to rub your shoulder awkwardly as he pulled his phone from his pocket. “Calum,” he began, “Calum where the hell are you? (Y/N) thinks she’s going into labour. How long are you gonna be?” You vaguely heard your husband reply as Luke wrapped an arm around you, “We’ll see you in a few minutes then. I’ll get (Y/N) into the car.” Minutes later, Calum came running around the corner, eyes wide as he ran towards you. He gave the bags of shopping he was carrying to Luke before placing a hand on your lower back, ushering you towards the car, “Let’s go have some babies.” 

Luke: The two of you were walking through the park, enjoying the warm summer day. You due date was in a couple of days and you wanted to spend some time with your husband before your baby boy arrived so he suggested a relaxing walk in the park. Although it wasn’t very relaxing as every now and then, you had to stop and when it happened for the fourth time, you turned to Luke, “I think I’m having contractions.” His face paled as you leant up against a nearby fence, “W-what? But you’re not screaming in pain or anything…” You inhaled deeply as another hit you and this time, it was a big one and it caused you to grab hold of his hand and squeeze tightly, “I don’t know what to tell you, but I am having them. You need to take me to the hospital.” He gave your hand a small squeeze, “Can you make it back to the car? Or do you want me to just, I don’t know, drive up here?” He was panicking, you could tell by just looking into his eyes. He wasn’t expecting this to happen in the middle of a public park. “I can make it back,” you whispered, fingers gripping the fabric of his hoodie, “Let’s just hurry, yeah?” Nodding, he wrapped his arm around you and he began leading you towards the car, ignoring the looks passers by were giving the two of you, only stopping when you got another contraction. “Are they supposed to be coming that quick?” he asked as the car finally came into sight, “I thought that they took a while!” You groaned, wanting nothing more than to give him a good smack, “If your son doesn’t want to hang about, trust me, he won’t. Just get me to the hospital.” 

Michael: He was basically walking on eggshells around you since you were almost a week over your due date. You were huge and cranky and it seemed like everything Michael did, it was wrong. So when he came into the sitting room and saw you on the sofa, eyebrows furrowed as you stared at a blank tv screen, he came and sat down beside you, wrapping his arm around you. “I just want her out,” you whispered, feeling tears beginning to well up in your eyes as you hid your face so he couldn’t see you cry. “Hey,” he mumbled, rubbing your arm softly, “She’ll be here soon. The doctors says if she’s not here by Friday, they’ll induce you at the hospital.” You shook your head, “I don’t want to be induced! I want her to come naturally without any help.” Smirking to himself, he turned your head so you were looking at him and wiped away your tears, “There are a few ways that could maybe help move the process along…” The caused you to smile slightly and play with his fingers, “What do you have in mind?” He pressed a kiss to your forehead, “A spicy curry,” a kiss was pressed to under your left eye, “Long walk,” under your right eye. Your hands came up to cup his face and you watched as he licked his dry lips, “Or y’know, we could always…” You giggled, “Always what?” Instead of answering you, he pressed his lips to yours eagerly and his fingertips began tracing small circles into the pj bottoms you were wearing, causing your breathing to get uneven. “I love you,” he whispered, smirking as your hands gripped his shirt. You suddenly stilled, feeling a really strange pressure building up in your lower stomach. “So beautiful,” Michael continued, not noticing that you had completely frozen and turned a ghostly shade of white. The pressure between your legs increased and soon, you felt a pop, the bottoms you were wearing becoming soaked in a matter of seconds. “Holy…” Michael breathed, looking up at you. “It worked.” you whispered, gripping his hand tightly, “We…we better go to the hospital.” Nodding, he leapt off the sofa, racing up the stairs to go get your packed bag, yelling about how he was going to be a father. 


having a favorite band is rough bc they make u so so happy but they sometimes make u a little too happy. sad even. crying. sometimes u cry. sometimes the love is too strong