Preference #33 - He Walks in on You Changing. (Requested)

Harry: You had just come out the shower and you were in your bedroom getting changed. As soon as you dropped the towel from your body, the bedroom door swung open and Harry sauntered in. “Harry!” You yelled, quickly picking up the towel to shield your body. He smirked “Oh come on (Y/N)! It isn’t like I haven’t seen you naked before” You scowled at him “That’s because I wanted you to see me like that. I don’t want you to see like this when I’m changing!” He pouted and attempted to walk closer. “No! Harry get out!” you groaned as he wrapped his arms around you. “Just one kiss” he whispered, his hot breath on your neck. You rolled your eyes but granted his wish. When you pulled away he started to kiss your neck. “Nu-uh Styles. One kiss you said. Now get out” you smiled, pushing him towards the door.

Liam: You were changing into something comfortable after a hard day at work. You were standing at the doors of your closer looking at your clothes when you heard the bedroom door open. You turned to see Liam staring at you wide eyed. You flushed red but made no attempt to cover up. After a few more seconds of staring he finally snapped out of his trance and turned to walk out. Halfway out the door, he stopped and turned back to look at you. “Liam?” you asked. He didn’t say anything, he walked over to you slowly, pushing you back so you were against the back of the closet before kissing you passionately. It was safe to say that you didn’t get dressed for the rest of the day.

Louis: After the day you’d had all you wanted to do was have a hot bath and spend time with Louis. You were in the middle of taking of your shirt when Louis walked in, taking no notice of you and sat on the bed. “Uhh…Lou?” you asked, eying him as he smiled at you, patting the bed beside him. You done what he said and he pulled you into his side, wrapping his arm around you. A few minutes had passed when he put the tv on. “Lou what are we doing?” you asked. He pecked your hair “I’m spending time with you. I’ve noticed lately that we’ve been spending less time together and I took it upon myself to fix it. Starting now, we’re going to be spending every night watching a film together” You giggled “You couldn’t wait until I got dressed?” He smiled down at you “Well, no. This is just a bonus for me”

Niall: “Guess I like the way you smile
With your eyes, other guys see it, but don’t realise that it’s m-my loving” you sang, dancing around your bedroom in just your underwear. You were alone in the house and you had painted your bedroom, managing to tip almost a whole tin of paint over yourself. Your iPod changed song from Everything About You to What Makes You Beautiful. You squealed happily and moved your hips to the opening beat as you moved towards the bathroom. The door opened and in walked Niall, whistling happily. He stopped when he saw you and instantly flushed red and about turned, walking back through the door and shutting it. “Sorry (Y/N)!” he shouted through the door. Before you could say anything you heard his quick footsteps move away from the door.

Zayn: Climbing out of the warm shower, you pulled a towel around your body and made your way into the bedroom. You were freezing so you walked to the closet to try and find something warm to wear. You picked out a pair of sweats and one of Zayn’s jumpers before going over to your drawers to get some underwear. Dropping the towel, you pulled on your underwear just as Zayn walked through the door. You smiled at him “Hey” He looked you up and down, biting his lip. He came over and wrapped his arms around you “You’re beautiful” he whispered, kissing down your neck. You giggled and pushed him away “As much as I’d love to so this babe, we have to get ready to go to Harry’s house”

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