Preference #36 - You Hit Him in the Groin. (Requested)

Harry: It was late at night and you were curled up in your big bed reading a book when you heard your front door close. Harry was on tour so you knew that you were alone and you could have sworn that you locked the door before you came up. Slowly, you slid out of bed and headed out into the hallway to investigate. You creeped down the stairs and into the living room, trying to allow your eyes to adjust to the total darkness. In the corner of your eyes you saw a silhouette moving towards you so you kicked your leg up and made contact with the intruders’ groin. They fell to the floor and let out a groan of pain. You quickly flicked on the light, gasping as you saw it was Harry. You rushed to his side “Oh Harry! I’m so sorry! I-I thought you were on tour!” He rolled around on the ground “I wanted to surprise you” You leant over him and pecked his lips “I’m really sorry baby” After listening him whine for another two minutes he stood up and slowly turned to you “You’re making that up to me tomorrow” 

Liam: “Why is the ball shaped like this?” you asked, throwing the rugby ball into the air, catching it as it came back down. Liam was attempting to teach you how to play and so fat, it wasn’t going too well. He shrugged “Something to do with pig bladders and how it helps when you throw it” he backed up a few feet and stopped “Okay (Y/N) throw it” You were normally very good with your aim but today? Today your aim decided to go to shit. You watched as the ball headed towards Liam’s…lower region, hitting right on target. You winced as he fell to the ground before rushing over to him. “Liam! Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” He smiled up at you weakly “That was some throw. Did you hurt your arm?” You smiled at his concern, handing him a cold water bottle to act as ice.

Louis: “(Y/N) give me my phone” Louis groaned as you ran off through the house. You giggled and vaulted yourself over the couch, clicking on the camera icon and switching it to video. “Seriously, give me pho-are you filming me?” he asked, edging closer to you, smiling you nodded and flipped the camera so it was on you. Being so engrossed in making faces for the video, you didn’t notice Louis sneaking up on you until his hands gripped your waist, tickling you. You fell to the ground like a baby deer. Your legs completely buckled from underneath you. Luckily Louis caught you and started to playfully wrestle with you to try and get his phone back. He had straddled your legs but when you brought your knee up, he let out a small squeak before rolling off of you. You gasped, realising what you had done. Pulling him to your chest, you began raking your fingers through his hair. “I’m so sorry” you whispered, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He turned his head to face you, kissing your lips “Never touch my phone again if it’s going to end like this”

Niall: “I swear you’re a bigger Lovatic than I am” Niall laughed as he watched you dancing to Demi’s song Hold Up while he was standing on a stool changing your light bulbs. “I’ll give you anything you want just to leave me alone” you sang, closing your eyes and spinning in circles. Your hand made contact with Niall’s body and he cursed loudly. Your eyes flew open in time to see him step down from the stool and slumping down on the sofa, muttering every curse word under the sun. You bit your lip and timidly sat next to him. “Niall?” you asked, touching his arm lightly “I’m really sorry” He smiled slightly “That’s okay princess but could you maybe get me some  ice?” You nodded and quickly ran off to the kitchen, picking up the take away menu as you went for a way to make it up to him.

Zayn: “Surprise attack!” you squealed, leaping on Zayn as soon as he came through the door from work. He laughed as he caught you and carried you through to the living room, placing you on the sofa and took a seat next to you. Grinning at him, you climbed onto his lap and moved his arms so they were around you. “Someone’s cuddly today” Zayn smiled, kissing your jaw lightly. You nodded, lacing his fingers with yours “How was your day?” you asked. When he didn’t answer you, you glanced up at his face only to see him watching you. You opened your mouth to say something but he covered it with his own, moving you so you could lay down on the couch. He started to move your legs when you felt your foot come in contact with his package. He yelped and fell back against the couch holding where you had hit. He opened his eyes and glared at you. Way to kill the mood.

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